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Great School
My son, Jeremy started at KRK when he was 3 (wish I put him there sooner), their curriculum and evaluations kept him engaged and made learning fun. I am very proud to say that he has now been recommended for the gifted and talented program as a kindergartener. He was prepared for elementary school, his KRK teachers were wonderful. My 2 year old goes to KRK and everyone is great,
S. Brantley
Thank you for preparing my child!
I appreciated the evaluations, knowing where Morgan`s strengths/challenges were. During our first 6 week review in Kindergarten her teacher said Morgan was one of her top 3 students.
J. Davis - TX
Please Open Another Kids R Kids!
My son attended Kids R Kids in Las Colinas when I was a single parent until he was almost 6 years old. He is so smart and is one of the brightest kids in the classroom. In his first year at elementary school, they were trying to put him in an honors class! I wish Kids R Kids would open a school in Dallas around the uptown/downtown area. That would be a dream come true!!!!
Sarah - TX
Thank you KRK!
I had to give a shout out this morning to the teachers in Room 200! Looking at my daughter this morning I see an awesome little girl that is learning so much, she was pointing at my nose, eyes, mouth, and hands while saying every word :)!! I have her teachers to thank for this... Not only is she so happy being there, I feel her teachers truly love her and care just as I do! Everyday when I drop her off I have no worries while I am at work and for a parent that means the world to me. Thanks again to Ms. Nikki, Mrs. Katie S., Ms. Katie G., and last but not least Mrs. Shay!! Sincerely, Amber (Ariel`s mom)
A. Traylor - TX
Thank you!
Thank you, Kids R Kids. We wouldn`t have made it if it weren`t for you and your tender loving attention, patience and warmth. Our family adopted two children--at the time they were ages 2 and 4 1/2. The transition was really rough at first. The staff at Kids R Kids assured my husband and I that they`ve worked with adoptive kids before and not to worry. We`ve had our children almost three years, and we are convinced that Kids R Kids played a meaningful role in who our children have become. They are confident and conversational, on target academically and excelling in many areas. The staff has always made us feel like family and truly have a heart for children. My questions are never rushed, and I can never ask too many. Hats off to the teachers and staff for being in the right line of work. The kids feel it and the parents know it!
C. Goodgames - TX
We Love Our Child`s Room!
My daughter is enrolled in the infant room. I have no doubt that you hear from parents anytime there is something they are upset about. Being a teacher myself, I know that you also appreciate hearing about the great things going on at your school. My daughter started attending Kids R Kids around October of 2010 after a very upsetting experience elsewhere. I was instantly in love with her 3 wonderful teachers. We could not ask for better caregivers for our only little girl. These teachers love on my little girl as if she was part of their own family. They are highly attentive to her needs and can generally tell me highly detailed information about her day (and I imagine they do the same for all of the other children in the room). It is quite comforting to be able to go to work every day and truly have trust in the caregivers I left her with. I know their job is difficult and often they may not realize the impact they have on the parents as well as the children. I tell them all the time how much we love and appreciate them. I also tell everyone I know about Kids R Kids and the wonderful teachers we have there. This was just the next thing I could think of to show them my appreciation! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen.
K. Cornelius - TX
A Child`s Thoughts
My daughter is 3.5 and has been going to KRK Las Colinas since she was a year old. She arrives bright and early in the mornings and loves every minute that she is there with her friends and teachers. This morning when we drove in the parking lot she said "Yea. Kids R Kids!" She sat in her car seat for a minute and said "Mama, this is the best school I`ve been to in my whole life." Couldn`t have said it better myself.
C. Dedear - TX
They are the Best !!!
I love it and so does my baby. Her teachers know her and know everything about her. They are so ready to give updates and feedback. My daughter is 2 yrs old and she can do sign language, count to 10 , knows her animals and sounds and she is so eager to learn her ABC`s. I thank the directors and teachers at Kids R Kids Las Colinas for the great job they are doing.
B. Pimpton - TX
I could talk for HOURS about this place....
I could not be happier with the choice to have Ethan stay at Kids R Kids. He used to attend another place in Las Colinas, and I moved him here when he was an infant. I wanted to list what absolutely love about the center. -They are very hands on with each child and cater to their individual needs -They adhere to the student to teacher ratios in every class, which is extremely important -Cleanliness beyond compare. -Group and individualized curriculum for each child as they grow -They inform me of things they feel are off with Ethan whether it be physical, emotional or mental growth -They abide by my discipline requests and have taught me some of the most effective tools when dealing with tantrums, teething, etc. -Excellent nutrition, exercise and motor development plans -6 months reviews for each child with parents -Strict “Stranger” pick up and drop off rules (important for safety) -Well trained and tenured staff -Diverse group of children in each class -More than reasonable cost for the benefits -They teach children sign language, speech and reading starting at 10 months! -They know which parents like to be called or not called when something happens with their child, and abide by the requests Again these are just the things that come to mind. I could talk for HOURS about the amazing development with Ethan! It means a lot to me when people say Ethan is cute. It means even more when they say he is smart and well behaved. I simply follow what Kids-R-Kids has taught him and he is great! I highly recommend this school to everyone!
A Kiser - TX
I couldn`t let this go. I have to say something.
This afternoon, as the kids were deboarding from their LegoLand field trip, I saw no fewer than two headcount checks, and you required that the kids pay attention and listen so you could ensure all the kiddos were safe, sound and accounted for. When we got to the classroom, they were counted one final time, by the teacher in the room and their hot lunch was waiting for them. Absolutely awesome! Thank you for loving our kids... I was very pleased and comforted...
Preschool Parent - TX
Thank You!
We would like to thank the directors and teachers for the wonderful experience that they have provided my son and family at Kids R Kids Las Colinas. My son Kaden has learned so much since he started in Miss Erica’s classroom. Not only has Kaden learned important educational concepts, but he has learned important social customs that he regularly displays. The positive and nurturing environment provided at Kids R Kids has been such a positive one and we are grateful for the educational foundation they have laid to ensure a worthwhile future!
L. Miller - TX
Best of Irving 2010
Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kids R Kids Receives 2010 Best of Irving Award NEW YORK, NY, March 23, 2010 -- For the second consecutive year, Kids R Kids has been selected for the 2010 Best of Irving Award in the Preschools category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA). The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community. Nationwide, only 1 in 70 (1.4%) 2009 Award recipients qualified as two-time Award Winners.
US Commerce Association - NY
ChildCare Group Center Visit
To the Staff and management team at Kids R Kids: In 31 years of working in the field of early childhood education, from assistant teacher to upper level management, I have never had a center take my breath away. Well yesterday after visiting your center I was overcome with emotion. Your center is the most beautiful center I have ever seen. Then to see a learning environment equal to the gorgeous décor was icing on the cake. First impressions are everything and your center and staff have left a lasting impression on me. Thank you for all you do to provide a quality learning experience for the children you serve. Cecilia Carriere Community Education Trainer ChildCare Group
Cecilia C. - TX
Chamber of Commerce Congratulates on Texas School Readiness Program
On behalf of everyone here at the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, we would like to sincerely congratulate you on your recent Texas School Ready!certification. As one of the 836 Preschools statewide, your dedication to building quality pre-kindergarten programs, with a focus on ensuring that yound Texans arrive at kindergarten ready for success, is applauded by the Irving community. The Texas School Ready! project is informd by scientific research, sustained by ongoing technical assistance for preschools, and employs ongoing teacher mentoring. More than 100,000 Texas children are on a path to school success because of this program. It`s because of the motivated faculty- like those at Kids R Kids!- that programs like this one are successful. We support educational measures that promise excellence so that those who eventually enter the workplace are prepared to succeed. Tomorrow`s workforce depends largely on the educational foundation we lay today, and these certified preschools are focused on the type of quality that is producing great results for students. On behalf of the staff at the Greater Irving- Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, we wish you all the best im your future endeavors.
Chris Wallace, Alyssa Bell - TX
Outstanding Job
As a working parent of two active children, a good quality and trustworthy daycare is extremely important. Every day when I drop my children off at Kids R Kids, I know for a fact my children are in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. At least quarterly I receive progress reports regarding their educational development. I’m informed weekly about the upcoming lesson plans. The Kids R Kids staff including the teachers in each room have create an open communication environment. My oldest child has been with Kids R Kids for at least 4 year now and I’ve never regretted my decision to enroll my children in this daycare. I can only give praise for the outstanding work Kids R Kids have done to help my children development.
K. Simpson - TX
Excellent Facility for all Ages
I have three children attending Kids R Kids. My first child began at Kids R Kids over 6 years ago at 3 months of age. As with all first time parents, I was so scared about leaving my tiny little baby with strangers. I shouldn’t have worried because she was cared for to my exact instructions. The teachers in the infant rooms are very skilled at taking care of infants with all types of needs. Also, with the low ratio, the teachers are able to have time to continue working with the babies on sign language, rolling over, developing muscles to crawl/walk, hand-eye coordination, etc. All of my children have flourished and receive the special attention and care I want them to have while I am at work. All of the lead teachers in every classroom are phenomenal. You can tell that they all really love working with and being around children each day. The office staff and the owner are always available for consultation. There has never been a problem that wasn’t resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I believe that all of my children have benefitted from attending Kids R Kids. They have learned so many more social skills and educational skills than I could have ever provided at home. They recently made some awesome changes to their preschool curriculum of which my second child is currently enrolled. The lead teacher is very good with all the children and runs the classroom very similarly to a Kindergarten class. My four year old is being taught to read and do math problems just as my older child was taught in her public school kindergarten class. I feel as if she will be ahead of the curve once she enters public school. My children have made lasting friendships and connections attending Kids R Kids. Although my oldest child no longer attends during the school year, she insists on returning to Kids R Kids for the summer. Summertime at Kids R Kids, for the school age children, is a blast. Arts and crafts, field trips several times a week and splash days at the on-site water park… what could be better! All in all, we’ve had an awesome experience. After looking at many daycares to leave my children at, I feel very fortunate that this is the place that I chose to leave my children at. We’ve had a wonderful experience and I will continue to have my children attend Kids R Kids.
A. Kidd - TX
My Daughter Has Grown So Much...
My daughter is 2.5 and has been at KRK Las Colinas since she was 10wks old. She has loved all of her teachers along the way and it is obvious that love is returned in full. The entire staff is great to work with and the communication is excellent. We always know what she is learning and how she is developing, as well as how we can help increase that learning at home. My daughter has grown so much over these past 2.5 years and it is greatly in part to the love and guidence she has gotten at KRK. I am constantly amazed at the new things she learns. Thank you KRK staff, you all hold a great place in our hearts and memories!
M. Champion - TX
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