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Texas School Ready! Participant

The program was designed as a result of the No Child Left Behind Act. The research in the field at large shows clearly that if children do not experience a high quality preschool program that focuses on getting them ready for school, they will often have trouble when they go to kindergarten. The purpose of the certification system was to identify programs that were successful in integrating the quality instructional practices that must be in place in a preschool program to get children ready for kindergarten AND actually tracking the children's scores who left those programs in the areas of reading, math and social skills when they went to kindergarten. Texas School Ready! certifies preschool education classrooms including private preschool centers, childcare centers, public pre-kindergarten programs and Head Start centers that effectively prepare their students for kindergarten. We have been participating in the The Texas School Ready! Program since the fall of 2007. More information... 


Setting the Stage 

The daily adventures continue into preschool, and with them come the steppingstones for a lifetime of learning with our Kids R Kids Preschool Curriculum. Our goal is to help equip your child for the challenges ahead. Supporting each child during this time in her life helps to instill a sense of confidence and accomplishment while they bask in daily successes. 


We believe that every stage in life is designed to prepare us for what is ahead. Therefore we introduce the same three key indicators for early reading success that are the core of the preschool program:

  • Phonological Awarness - the auditory focus on sounds including rhyming, alliteration, onset rime, syllable segmenting, and phoneme manipulation
  • Letter Knowledge -unique letter features, letter names, letter sounds, directional movements that are used to form letters, letters come in a particular order and there are a limited number of them
  • Language Development - developing a rich vocabulary by introducing five vocabulary words a day, encouraging language through play and scaffolding children`s language development to take them to a higher level of language use.

We also know the importance of developing a child`s interest in mathematics. We work with the children on skills related to numbers and operations, geometry and spatial reasoning, measurement comparisons, algebraic reasoning, patterns, and displaying and analyzing data.


Growing Minds, Growing Up

As children enter preschool, the Kids R Kids Curriculum shifts to accommodate a more planned structure, preparing preschoolers for the academic schedules they'll soon find in elementary school. Preschoolers are continuing their learning adventure with a desire to do things on their own and make new discoveries. That's why we've designed our Preschool Program to fulfill the preschool mind.  


The Preschool Curriculum:

  • Child-directed learning allows preschoolers to process and self-regulate their own decisions.
  • Language, physical, and cognitive development focus on learning curves needed for developmental milestones.
  • Small group activities are planned for every child throughout each day.
  • Literacy and writing activities are age-appropriate and provided daily.
  • Activities and music balance learning and fun.
  • Emotional and social development takes place with peers and teachers.
  • Planned outdoor activities are provided for physical fitness and development.
  • Daily enrichment activities encourage imaginative and creative play.
  • Progress reports inform parents of children's daily accomplishments.
  • Decision-making skills support growing minds.
  • Computerized assessment tool used to ensure indiviudal instruction and track each child`s progress


Our Advanced Approach

Each day at Kids R Kids, children spend their time exploring, learning, and accomplishing new skills. The value of "playtime" should not be underestimated in a preschool learning environment. Kids R Kids, through decades of working with children and keeping up with the most current research, understands that children learn best when their work is playful. This is why the classroom is divided into well-designed learning stations filled with materials designed to be used as learning enrichments. For each new unit theme, we completely convert the preschool classrooms to reflect it to create authentic learning opportunities for the children to explore and use their new knowledge.

Your child learns critical developmental skills throughout each of our learning stations. Here are just a few examples of what each learning station offers your preschool child.

  • Construction Station - Architecture, vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, and cooperation
  • Imagination Station - Social skills, self-confidence, and an opportunity to explore language
  • Library and Literature Station - Listening skills, letter and word recognition, and oral language skills
  • Writing Station - Hand-eye coordination, name recognition, and self-expression
  • Exploration Station - Classification, problem-solving, and sequencing
  • Discovery Station - Experimentation, exploration, and prediction
  • Sensory Station - Fine motor skills, measuring, and creativity
  • Music and Movement Station - Listening, teamwork, and patterning
  • Computer Station - Hand-eye coordination, typing skills, and refining a variety of skills

As Preschool children grow through our curriculum, Kids R Kids keeps in mind the essential “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy. Preschoolers need encouragement and praise as they learn to share, problem-solve, and respect their parents, teachers, and peers. That's just another reason why a solid foundation, beginning with a loving environment, inspires children to become life-long learners.


Areas Served:

Irving, Las Colinas, Coppell, North Dallas, Valley Ranch, Hackberry Creek, and more!

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