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Assessment System

We use two assessment systems that are created to monitor the progress of each child in our infant-toddler and preschool programs. The assessments are tracked using computer software designed to help teachers identify each child's strengths and weaknesses. This information is then used by the teachers to create lesson plans that are tailored to meet the needs of the children in their classes.   


Look What I Can Do by Kids R Kids International - Children 6 weeks to 4 years


The "Look What I Can Do" checklist is an instrument designed to communicate the summationa of classroom assessment information. This checklist is linked to each classroom`s weekly unit and aligns with the Curriculum Map and Scope & Sequence. The recorded information is based on work samples, anecdotal notes, photographs, recordings, weekly assessments, and other developmentally appropriate instruments. It is used by Kids R Kids providers nationwide to positively affect the cognitive, social, physical and language development of young children.  

What is Monitored:

  • Physical Growth/Motor Development - ability to move and control body
  • Social/Personal Development - social skills, interaction with others, and self-esteem
  • Emotional Development - growth and development of feelings
  • Cognitive/Language Development - mental growth and development, including language and literacy, math, and science


Integrated with the curriculum activities is a uniform, validated assessment tool for observing and continual tracking of children's development and school readiness in their most natural setting – at play. This assessment tool makes it easy for teachers to record and access observations made during daily, play-based activities. Based on observations by the teacher, the "Look What I Can Do" assessment tool helps educators track the developmental age of children and identify children who need extra attention as early as possible, then apply appropriate interventions, maximizing school readiness.


The "Look What I Can Do" reporting features make it easy for teachers to document their observations by preparing and printing out a wide range of developmental summaries and progress reports for both their class and individual children. Flexibility in these reporting options means that full information can be provided to teachers while allowing parents to see selected reports.


This system gives early childhood programs a competitive edge by combining accountability, targeted learning experiences, and parent involvement into an integrated resource that can promote school readiness.


M-Class by Wireless Generation - Children 4 to 5 years

Wireless Generation supports PreK-12 educators in improving teaching and learning. The company invented mCLASS® software, enabling teachers to use handheld devices for giving formative assessments in the elementary grades. By using handhelds instead of paper, teachers save significant time and receive assessment results immediately. Additional Web-based reporting, analysis, and instructional planning tools, as well as professional development, help educators to act on students' data. Wireless Generation's Burst™:Reading is a K-3 reading intervention that uses sophisticated technology to analyze assessment data and produce sequences of lessons for each student, helping teachers to match their instruction to varied learning needs. mCLASS®:CIRCLE™ helps early childhood educators understand each child's ongoing social, emotional, early literacy, and early math development and plan thoughtful and appropriate class, group, and individual activities. mCLASS:CIRCLE is based on the nationally recognized research of the Children`s Learning Institute (CLI). It delivers the CIRCLE™ suite of observational and assessment tools on a handheld device, Web-based support for classroom planning, and reporting on the mCLASS® handheld technology platform. mCLASS:CIRCLE:

  • Monitors each child's development in letter-naming, vocabulary, and phonological awareness, and math including number knowledge, counting, operations, and shape naming/discrimination.
  • Suggests student, group, or class activities based on your students' performance to help teachers plan thoughtfully and intentionally.
  • Tracks student progress with web-based evolving portfolios that maintain record of early writing skills, book and print awareness, math skills, and teacher observations of socio-emotional development, as well as handwritten notes.
  • Saves time and ensures accuracy with guided prompts, instructions, and automatic scoring and timing.


Parent Communication


We understand the importance for sharing this information collected with parents. This is why we schedule parent conferences bi-annually and send home assessment results throughout the year.  Additionally we develop individual goals for each child related to their tracked progress and provide parents with activities and resources they can use at home to support the efforts here at Kids R Kids Academy.


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